Endemol Shine Giving

Endemol Shine Giving

Endemol Shine Group has pledged to reduce single use plastic across all our offices and productions globally. We are asking colleagues to reduce, reuse and recycling plastics, whilst improving all our recycling efforts.

We are also bringing awareness to the environmental impact of the production and waste of bottled water, providing sustainable alternatives where water is scarce. Through a partnership with Join the Pipe, our global fundraising efforts are helping to build self-sustaining fresh water kiosks in schools in Rwanda and Kenya.

We’re also providing staff with practical ways of evaluating and reducing waste on productions. By combining our efforts, we hope to achieve greater visibility of sustainability practices both on- and off-screen, globally.

At a local level, our operating companies continue to support a range of charitable causes through volunteering and imaginative fundraising initiatives year-round.

‘1 in 3 people globally do not have access to a safe drinking water.’
UNICEF, WHO 18 June 2019

‘By 2050 the amount of plastic in the world’s oceans could weigh more than the entire fish population.’
Ellen Macarthur Foundation

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