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Endemol Shine Iberia announces Stripped in Portugal


Global content creator, producer and distributor Endemol Shine Group today announces that Stripped has sold to Portugal for the first time.

TVI has commissioned 8 prime time episodes of Stripped from Shine Iberia, part of Endemol Shine Iberia. Known locally in Portugal as Começar do Zero, the series is a revealing social experiment that goes back to basics.  Everyday people are challenged to strip themselves of everything they own and find out what they really need to make them happy.

Created by Metronome, part of Endemol Shine Nordics, the series has sold to seven markets including Finland, Germany, Sweden, the UK and the US.

Lisa Perrin, CEO of Creative Networks at Endemol Shine Group says; “Great factual entertainment puts real people in extraordinary circumstances with captivating results. This show is a fascinating insight into how people respond when stripped of all their belongings and I‘m intrigued how the Portuguese participants withstand this very modern challenge.”

Rui Ávila, Executive Producer for Shine Iberia says “It is the ideal moment for a format like Stripped in Portugal as we are joining the global movement of sustainability and exploring how to be happy by using less resources and a temporary disconnection from the technological world. With the stories of our participants in this social experiment, it is our goal to re-connect the audience with their real values so they can find out for themselves what really matters.”

We live in an age where the average person owns way more personal items than they actually need, but what would happen if all those things disappeared in an instant? Imagine every possession, including your mobile phone and the clothes off your back, gone. What would you do and what would change if you were no longer defined by what you owned?

Over the course of a month, they will live by three rules: All of their stuff will be taken and put into storage. Every day, they can get one thing back. They can’t buy or borrow anything, except the very basics like food and drink, and they must carry on with their daily lives.

In the end, the participants come to discover what they truly need when stripped of everything, and what’s most important in their lives.

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