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Endemol Shine Italy ‘exists and resists’ with new COVID-19 documentary #rEsistiamo for Mediaset


Global content creator, producer and distributor Endemol Shine Group today announces that the team in Italy have been commissioned by Mediaset to produce a one-off special documenting Covid-19 through the eyes of the Italian people.

Known as #rEsistiamo, which is a play on words meaning “we resist and exist”, the film will give a first-hand account of life in lockdown, telling the story of the Covid-19 pandemic through videos sent from the public, filmed directly with their smartphones. The documentary will chronicle intimate and moving stories from all over Italy, from within the homes of those who have seen their daily lives turned upside down.

Leonardo Pasquinelli, CEO of Endemol Shine Italy says; “We wanted to find a way to tell the unique stories from across Italy as they live through Covid-19 and the impact it has had on everyday lives. This moving and emotional film puts a spotlight on how people in Italy have dealt with the difficult challenges faced by the world at this time.”

#rEsistiamo will feature stories of parents and children, grandparents and nephews, people that keep going to work and those who wait at home. There will be long-distance romances, of loves that end but also others that resist. Stories of worries, of anxieties but also of songs at the windows, games with children, stories of creativity that survives.

Airing on Mediaset (Italia1) at the end of the emergency, the show will be the story of all of us, dedicated to all those who fight to breathe, to those who do their best to help them, to those who risk allowing us to live.

The world is made of our stories, let’s tell them.

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